The Art of Fred Martin
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Art Histories for Painters

Note: Although these "Art Histories for Painters" may someday be built as a separate web site, a few links to PDFs of Power Point Presentations
of individual artists and/or topics are given below.

From an art history for
drawing students
The 20th C. Cubism
The 20th C. Surrealism
The 20th C. Abstract Expressionism

More essays with an art historical content

With Tolstoy on Art and Ethics

A Terrible Love of War

Art and Alchemy

On Beauty and Darkness
Ruin and Death

Old Age and Late Style

Geometry and Art and Geometry and Time
Part 1, Geometry and Art
Part 2, Geometry and Time

Artists' Self Portraits

The Art of Painting and the Work of the Spirit

George Grosz

Sonia and Robert Delaunay

Artemisia Gentileschi

Kandinsky on Color
Kandinsky on Symbols

Kathe Kollwitz

Piet Mondrian

Vincent Van Gogh's Letter to the Future