The Art of Fred Martin
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Essays on Various Topics

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Before 1990

The Large Watercolors of 1981-82

Undated in 1988.  Worth a Life

December 3, 1988.   In San Diego

June 29, 1988.   After the MFA

Undated in 1979.  Three Conversations plus Two More

1953. Aspects of Value in Contemporary Painting.


The 1990's

Undated 1999.  What is Art For?

Undated, 1996.  The Glory of the World

March 5, 1991.  Going to the Dogs

Undated, Spring 1990.  The Education of Painters.

Undated in 1990.  A Great Patriotic Grief (about Redon and the Franco Prussian War)


The 2000's

So in Need
(undated, maybe early 1990's.)

August 2011-"Old Age Art--
Kandinsky and Content"

Fall, 2009, With Tolstoy
On Art and Ethics

August 2007-May 2010, Old Age and Late Style

September 2008 notes on the role of China and Chinese Art in my work.

June 2008. Old Age and Plain Speaking, studio notes from June 6, 2008.

Undated, Fall 2006. Ruin and Darkness, Beauty and Death.

September 2006.  About Time.

August, 2006.  The Absolute Artist.

July, 2006.  The Crystal Dish.

June, 2006.  On Teaching.

April, 2006.  Art and Money.

October, 2005.  Geometry in Art and Time.

February, 2005.  Not a New School.

Undated Fall, 2003. The Archetypes in the Studio.

Undated, Fall 2003.  Art and Alchemy

October, 2003.  My Work, a lecture on the occasion of my 2003 Retrospective at the Oakland Museum of California

August, 2003.  Art over the Sofa

July 2000, The Art of Jean Martin